Insane Musing

10 OMG reasons why INSANE MUGS are the nastiest coffee mugs on the planet!

1) Insane Mugs offer their “insane” mugs (or whatever) to only human beings (aka Homo Sapiens), specifying very clearly that they aren’t supposed to be given away to Zombies. OMG! How rude is that? My Zombie friend hasn’t eaten anything (he hasn't even touched me!) for like 2 days now after being rejected an “Insane Mug”. Zombies are clearly not happy! 2) Their obsession with poo illustrations is outrageous. I mean I can handle freshly brewed and nicely frosted poo plastered over my face once in a while, but poo pics?? – ugh! Now that’s just pushing it!3) They are super racist towards...

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